Android’s Impressive Roll-Outs For 2018

It is very rare to have any important news or launches in the smartphone world at the beginning of the year. For mobile phone operating systems, though, everything is fair game. Android has especially been active in 2018, with some particularly impressive introductions and improvements. Here is an assortment of Android powered device that are likely to take the market by storm in the next few months.

Smart wear watches

Android wear has not particularly been successful in the past, but this is not stopping companies from making android powered watches. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, two watches were particularly eye catching. The first was Kate Spade’s the Scallop, this year’s installment in the company’s long line of fashionable smart watches. It is a 1.2 inch device with a feminine touch and some impressive design features. It is, however, strangely light in terms of features; it does not have heart rate sensors or GPS, only featuring the 24hour battery life and  the Google assistant. Skagen, the Danish watchmaker also announced a new model, also without features like the heart rate sensor, GPS or NFC, but with a simple aesthetic appeal.

Android TVs

This is another category of android devices that have not particularly performed well in the past, but that are, much like android watches, being embraced by some of the industry’s biggest companies. Several companies have already launched new Android TV screens this year, including Hisense, Nvidia, Haier, Phillips and Westinghouse. Nvidia’s offering is perhaps the most impressive, with a name most people have described as the coolest, BFGD. BFGD stands for Big Format gaming Displays. Another impressive TV is the Phillips 24 inch 7703, which looks good in any room in the house, and can also double up as a Bluetooth speaker.

Google assistant and Android Auto

Neither Google assistant nor Android auto are new, but the coming of Google assistant to Android Auto is something that got people taking. Many are saying that Google assistant will be most useful on Google Auto, and this is not far from the truth. Google Auto has always had voice commands from the start, but with the full range of Google Assistant to your car, it will definitely change the game.

Android PDA

PDAs are according to many a thing of the past, but when has that ever stopped anyone from using anything, especially if a new and improved version is available. Planet Computers, a UK based company is doing just that. In fact, they started taking orders for the new age PDA as early as 2017. However, it was only until this year that the actual device was seen in public. It has a 5.9 inch screen, an integrated keyboard and the clamshell design. With an impressive 2 weeks of standby time, it might actually be the most impressive android device so far.

The world mobile congress is likely to offer many more impressive Android devices, but these companies are not waiting for that. They have decided to hit the ground running with these impressive android devices.

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