Best Android Phones of 2015

Best Android Phones of 2015

While others may still revel with the latest iPhone releases, there are also those who are die hard Android fans for life. If you’re an Android fan and you’re in the market for a new Android phone, here are the best smartphone choices for 2015:

Samsung Galaxy S5

Packed with new and improved exciting features, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been dubbed as one of the best overall Android Smartphone of the year. Just like the latest iPhone, the phone comes with the S Health app plus a heart rate monitor and built-in fingerprint. Camera is also better and faster with real-time HDR captures.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Another Samsung offering that tops the outstanding Android phone list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which boasts a thrilling design. It comes with a large screen to cater to those who prefer phablets. It is also faster and all in all more improved than the previous Galaxy Note offers. The phone is especially recommended for people who love to scribble as it comes with a winning stylus.

Sony Xperia Z3

Not to be left behind is Sony by offering their Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. Dubbed as Sony’s most promising offering yet, the Xperia Z3 boasts a superb and classy display screen that is designed to impress. Packed with all the right features, the phone sure gives other Android phones from other brands like HTC and Samsung a run for their money.

Google Nexus 6

While not as talked about as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the other aforementioned options, the Google Nexus 6 also made it to the list for its impressive processor performance, productive features and overall versatile design. If you want it big, this is currently the largest Nexus available in the market. Plus it’s also one of the most powerful pure Android phones options.

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