The best mobile moves to make when you have bad credit

When you are fresh from college or have been laid off from work, your credit will most likely be poor. While paying all your bills and meeting monthly payments can be hard, being turned down for a mobile contract is a much bitter pill to swallow. This is because our phones have become a vital part of our lives. Your phone is literally your camera, small computer and web connector. After all, your mobile is all you need to search and meet potential employers on social media.   However, most cell phone providers will view you as a risk if your financial situation is not stable. Remember, the greatest thing that carriers avoid is loss and the greater the risk you pose, the higher the chances of rejection. That is why you need to have some few tricks up your sleeve that will increase your chances of approval for a mobile contract. Thus here is a list of top options that will guarantee you a mobile contract despite your poor credit history

Prioritise on no credit check mobile phones

Just as the name suggests, you will not be subjected through a credit check in order to determine your eligibility. Once you make your request, the provider you have chosen will look at other requirements and not your credit history. Among these other things are your age and your ability to pay back the cost of your handset. Whilst you might not land yourself a flagship mobile phone, you can acquire a functional phone with all other benefits of a mobile contract. Remember to benchmark as many providers as possible since you do not want to compromise quality. Additionally, do not forget to explain yourself and show how will manage to pay your monthly instalments.

Go for guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Whether you have been laid off from work or just unemployed, with a guaranteed mobile contract you are assured of approval. That Samsung Galaxy you have eyed for long will be yours without a hassle. This is because the providers will have someone to hold accountable in case you default payments. Consequently,  your guarantor will have to pay off the outstanding amount of the contract. Therefore, ensure you keep your end of the bargain to avoid ruining trust and putting your guarantors’ finances at risk.

When choosing a guarantor, go for one whose credit history is flawless. This will give you 100% approval. Additionally, ensure there’s mutual trust and loyalty between you and your guarantor. After all, you do not want to lose friends because of failed payments.

Mobile phones for bad credit

Your credit history is the only thing that mobile phone carriers can use to assess the likelihood of you committing fraud. However, with the increased use of plastic, most people have fallen victim to bad credit scores. And that’s why there are mobile phones meant for people with bad credit.  What’s more is that there are many providers out there who offer bad credit mobile phones. It is up to you to do thorough research and make comparisons of as many sites as possible. While some carriers might offer poor quality phones to reduce risk, there are those that will offer high end smartphones for people with bad credit. However, such contracts are more expensive and with serious consequences if you fail to make repayments.

SIM-only contracts

This a good option for you if you are unemployed but your current phone is in good working condition. Because they come without a smartphone, SIM-only contracts are cheap and very affordable. The good thing is that you still get to enjoy all other benefits of a mobile contract. For instance, you will receive monthly data, text and minute bundles. Additionally, once you have won the trust of your current provider by paying your instalments on time you can easily upgrade to a handset included contract.


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