Best New Savings Apps for Your Phone

Best New Savings Apps for Your Phone

The first month of the year is almost over and hopefully you’re on track on your financial goals for 2015. But just in case you’ve already stumbled and you need some help, you can check out these new and smart saving applications below to help you stay on top of your spending for this year.


To keep up with all your transactions from your different accounts, you can use theBillGuard app. With bank-level security, the application spots possible erroneous transactions such as duplicate charges. If it happens, you can easily proceed to dispute the error using the app itself.

According to reports, BillGuard successfully flagged millions worth of suspicious charges. That’s how effective it is and with BillGuard on your phone, you can basically expect to save money in the long run.

Key Ring

If you’re fond of taking advantage of discounts and you have rewards card numbers but always forget them when truly needed, you can install the Key Ring application on your phone to take care of this problem for you. Rather than use a physical key ring, the application lets you organize your reward cards in one handy place, your mobile phone. Now you’ll always have easy access to your rewards, coupons and discounts thanks to Key Ring.



Another great app that can organize your coupons for you is RetailMeNot. There’s no need for you to hunt and collect coupons yourself because the app does the job for you. In addition to collecting the coupon codes, you can also save your favorite stores. All your coupons are now in your phone. That means no more paper coupons to collect or lose.


If you have a car which eats up a large portion of your budget per month, you might find this ParkWhiz app very helpful. It helps you save or cut parking costs by helping you search and reserve off street parking spaces across the country. You can also take advantage of the offered discounts on garage parking to save even more money. Thus far, around 1.5 million people have benefited from the app’s cost cutting offers.


Ebates is the app you install if you want cash back offers on your purchases. If you’re a regular shopper like everyone else, you can install Ebates and enjoy cash back offers from more than 1,800 retailers. With the app on your phone, it is also easier to compare deals, track items and stores. Just recently, the app also offered another amazing deal called the Mobile Monday where you can earn as much as 20% cash back on your purchases.


Other Retailers’ Apps

If you have a set of your favorite online stores which you shop from regularly, you might want to check if that retailer has an application. Take for example Target, Sears and Kmart which offer consumers an app that comes with exclusive discounts and deals. Target has their Cartwheel application while Sears and Kmart have Shop Your Way which you can now install on your phone to improve your shopping experience and save money along the way.

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