Why every senior needs to get a smartphone

Before you know it, time kicks in and you realise that you’ve become of age. All you can do now is gaze back over the years at your achievements and failures and smile without regret for either. Well, it doesn’t really matter now. At least you spent your time well.

Thanks to your age, you have witnessed a lot of technological change over time. People have moved from landline telephones, to black and white cell phones, all the way to the modern smartphones you see today. If you have children or grandchildren, then you should have noticed how hooked they are to these gadgets. That should tell you that you also need to get one for yourself too and here’s why.

Video calls

Did you know that you can see your son, daughter or grandchildren anywhere across the globe from the palm of your hand? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, it was a couple of years back. However, it’s the in thing right now. Thanks to man’s persistent innovation, communication has involved from just audio to audio-visual. With a smartphone, you can now make a video-call through Skype for phone and other messengers available out there. Get yourself one and chat with your children and loved ones every day anytime. All you need is some steady internet. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now and enjoy what the 21st century mobile technology has to offer.

Monitoring and supervision

By now, you are already aware that your children would really love to keep their eye on you as much as they can. With smartphones, your health monitoring gadgets can now be integrated to your loved one’s mobile phone. That will enable your guardian or children get real time information about how you are faring so that they can properly have you under their supervision. With smartphones, help can be rushed to you even if you fall or faint and have no way of contacting the hospital. The mobile will simply send emergency signals to your loved ones or even ambulance services for your aid.


Instead of knitting all the time, have you ever thought of doing something else? If you are in a home, they probably have a well outlined routine for you to follow every day. You have to admit that this can get really boring sometimes. Luckily, smartphones are here to change that by being your new source of entertainment. You can play Bingo and other cool games from your mobile these days. Moreover, you could also watch television comfortably and choose all the channels you want directly from your phone. Besides games and televisions, you could also read interesting books and novels at your pleasure. So, get your new smartphone now and have some fun!

Make work easier

There is a reason these mobile phones are called smartphones and it’s because that’s exactly what they are; smart phones. With other smart integration technology, you can now control your house activities from your mobile. That’s if you turn your ordinary home into a smart house though. Doing so will enable you to monitor your home appliances and energy uses directly from your phone. You will know which curtains are open, unused lights, house temperature, and so on. Thanks to smartphones, adjusting your thermostat will be instantaneous. You no longer have to go down the stairs to your basement or walk all the way to the bedroom just to turn some lights off. Furthermore, you will receive any alerts of any over used appliances, allowing you to save on energy costs. With that in mind, owning a smartphone doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?


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