What to expect from iOS 11

It comes as no surprise that people were eagerly awaiting the iOS 11. There is so much to love in the new iOS 11.  It is clear that all the hype surrounding it was justified as it is bound to blow everyone away. Its fresh new features and better design make it a definite must-have.

Design Changes

You can expect a few UI changes in the iOS 11. Nothing too drastic just some subtle changes but still enough to delight. The changes include bolder texts and icons without borders in some apps. This is a drastic shift away from the texts and icons that have graced the iOS since iOS 7.

Control Centre

The Control centre has been redefined to a single consolidated look with bubbly icons. Furthermore, it now occupies the entire screen unlike in the iOS 10 where it occupied only half of the screen. It has also been made more customizable, offering an array of icons that you can add to it. You are also now given a 3D touch option which gives you more control over an app.

Lock Screen

The lock screen has also been revamped and merged with the lock screen. Now when you swipe down for notifications, you will meet the lock screen. On it will be all your notifications, to get back to your home screen you will be mandated to swipe twice up the screen. However, there is no need to worry about your widgets contained in today. They are still available with a swipe to your right on either your home screen or lock screen.



Another feature that has gotten revamped is the beloved Siri. You can expect it to sound more natural and to be altogether more intelligent with this update. Apple has in cooperated a new capability into Siri which allows it to learn from your habits and to suggest to you content in line with your preferences. The great part is that they haven’t restricted the learning to one device, they have enabled cross-device learning. That means that your experience with Siri will not be compromised whether you are on an iPhone, iPad or the Mac. Another ingenious functionality that they have introduced into Siri with this update is translation. Siri can now translate English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. And don’t you worry Apple is promising to expand the languages as soon as possible


For iPad users, you can look forward to a dock which can be pulled up from any app not just the home screen. This persistent dock eases the process of identifying your favourite apps and switching between apps.  It definitely greatly improved the multitasking capabilities of the iPad.

App Switcher

IPad users will be further delighted to know that the App Switcher has also received a makeover. It is now accessible with a simple double tap on the home button or two upward swipes. It is also located where the control centre is. This allows you to access both the settings and apps in one place. What makes it further fantastic is that you can access a third party app without interrupting a split view.

Drag and Drop

iOS introduces another new amazing feature that both iPad and iPhone users can appreciate, the drag and drop feature. With this shrewd feature, you can very well say goodbye to in-app share sheets because now you can drag and drop files, photos, links and text between apps no sweat. This feature is especially useful in split view.

It is clear that Apple set out to impress with the iOS 11, with features which are both thoughtful and amazing.

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