The future of mobile phones

To the mobile phone enthusiasts and influencers, mobile phones no longer present the wow factor. They are no longer the new but rapid technological improvements at supersonic speed have indeed made mobile phones in 2017 to be the new normal. To put it simply, we have, in the past few years, seen enormous changes in features, designs, functionality and performance to levels that were only a mere dream in the recent past. The question is, have we seen it all? Can we now say without any fear of contradiction that the mobile phone has now come of age? Well, no doubt, the mobile phone has come of age. But to say that we have seen it all is a little bit farfetched.

Innovative technologies and strong competition among manufacturers will surely have us enjoying the best of mobile phones we are yet to experience. That said, what is the future of mobile phones? No doubt, new technologies have made VR, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence and mixed reality just to mention but a few a way of life for millions of mobile phone users across the globe. With this fast paced developments and the insatiable need for mobile phone users to own the latest smartphone with the best specifications, influencers in the mobile phone industry have been over themselves predicting the future of mobile phones.

Internet of mobile things

Tamara McCleary, well known in the tech space as a tech influencer extraordinaire, strongly alludes to the fact that the year 2018 moving forward will see a paradigm shift in how our mobile phones make use of internet of things to simply change every aspect of our lives. If you look at it critically, his assertions are not farfetched as our mobile phones are at the epicentre of our lives. Going forward, our mobile phones will be used, and have no doubt about it, as a part of the ever large intelligent ecosystem.

Digital assistants

No doubt, we already depend on our phone so much so that a couple of minutes away from our phones make us jittery. We even suffer withdrawal symptoms when we forget our phones at home and simply can’t focus or work straight unless we go back for it. With siri, Alexa, Google assistant and Cortana all becoming essential aspects of our lives, it is correct to say that moving forward, mobile phones will in every imaginable way possible, act as our personal digital assistants. In other words, smartphones will indeed become smarter and in the process make our lives simpler through monitoring objects around us, understand our habits, helping us in various chores or errands just to mention but a few.


Mobile web resurgence

As of now, there is a great reliance on mobile apps. However, with improved technologies, one thing that is for sure is an improvement in mobile web. We see a slow down on in app use as more people shift to the mobile web. In that regard, it would be prudent if entrepreneurs started paying attention to improving the mobile web as opposed to over reliance on siloed apps. To put it simpler, we foresee a situation whereby mobile apps and the web would be more similar and therefore a convergence of sorts would be of essence if a standard entrepreneur expects to achieve a competitive edge.

That said, the future of mobile phones is bright. With innovative technologies taking centre stage, we expect a lot more than we ever imagined on the mobile tech space in years to come. The above mentioned are just a tip of the ice berg and we surely expect to be blown away in the years to come. Fasten your seatbelt folks and let’s enjoy the ride!

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  1. This is a great post! It’s so exciting to think about what the future will hold for mobile phones. We’ve started to see AR become more and more popular and integrated into everyday lives. Within the last ten years, they’ve advanced so much it’ll be so cool to see how they can improve even more.


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