The Most Important Things to Know about the Face ID IN iPhone 8 and X

Many people who are out looking for new smartphones are faced with an uphill task of selecting between the latest releases by Samsung and Apple. In fact, Google has even added to the matrix with the latest pixel 2 XL. However, iPhone X remains the most preferred because of its unique features such as Sire, animoji, and wireless charging system. But the most remarkable is the facial ID. Unlike the previous iPhone models, iPhone 8 and X users will only need to look at their phones to unlock. This system is more secure, reliable, and indeed fun.

Even with these advancements, some questions have started emerging about the Face ID. If you are planning to purchase iPhone 8 or X, here are some things to know about its facial ID.

Does Apple collect user’s visual IDs?

This is one concern that many people using different smartphone apps keep asking. Some have been arguing that with the new Face ID System, Apple gathers and stores the iPhone users’ ids in its database. Well, this is not true.

Once you buy an iPhone x or iPhone 8, the Face ID System works just like the finger scanner. The facial info is scanned and stored in a mathematical representation on the Secure Enclave (a section of the processor). The facial details are also encrypted so that no third party can access them. When someone looks at the phone, the Face ID system scans the face and compares to what is stored in the Secure Enclave. Other apps you use on the phone cannot directly access the login info. The only time Apple can get this info is if you opt to send it for technical support.

The Face ID system tracks the changes

Many people have been asking whether their iPhones will fail to work if their faces change. For example, if you buy the iPhone after cutting the beard, what will happen a few weeks once the beard grows? For others, the concern is that they are buying the iPhone to use for a long time. Therefore, will changes that come with aging affect the face ID functionality?

Notably, the face ID system is not static. It employs an advanced algorithm that uses machine learning to incorporate the changes. Every time that you use the phone, slight changes are captured and used to adjust the facial info stored in the Secure Enclave. Therefore, as you grow the beard, age, or develop other adjustments, iPhone 8 or x will never deny you access.

The face ID may glow at night

One notable thing about the iPhone x facial recognition is that it works even in pitch darkness. How is this achieved? The front-facing camera (TrueDepth) uses an infrared light that scans the facial details to unlock the phone. At night, the TrueDepth camera releases a frail infrared light to sense the face. This camera and the infrared light are activated by simply touching the phone at night or in pitch darkness. The infrared light is very frail and does not have any side effects.

The iPhone x and 8 are no doubt some of the best pieces on the market today. Apple did not leave anything behind in ensuring that the phones deliver the highest possible value to users all the time. No matter whether you are looking for a holiday phone, executive phone, or a management phone, iPhone x or 8 are two pieces that will not disappoint.

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