Are You Looking For a Budget Phone: Here Is why Samsung Galaxy A5 Is Worth Buying In 2017

The smartphone technology is evolving rather fast. Before you can exhaust testing all the features of a new phone, several other competitors will have been released into the market. This is indeed great for consumers. Even the top smartphones are relegated to budget status within a very short time. One smartphone that has stood the test of time is the Galaxy A5. Here is why you should go for it as opposed to the flagship models.

The performance and experience of Galaxy A5 edges near the latest models

Though Samsung would recommend the latest Galaxy S8 note that costs about £1000, the performance of the 2014 flagship model has been stunning. The performance of the Galaxy A5 is enthralling and satisfactory for most activities. In fact, you do not require slow-mo feature or camera software enhanced camera to enjoy top performance. The good thing about the Galaxy A5 is that the operating system can be updated so that the user can enjoy top notch performance.

The A5 camera and its performance

The 2017 edition of the Galaxy A5 comes with unique performance features that are really enthralling for a smartphone costing less than £300. The camera is truly impressive with a 16MP rear and 16MP front camera with a very large aperture of F/1.9 that makes it possible to capture sharp images even in low light conditions. In fact, the camera is far stronger compared to the latest Galaxy S8 that has a 13MP rear camera. While this might lack the top notch bells in the latest S8 Note, the sensors in A5 will make pulling out and using the camera easy and fun.

The phone memory and storage capacity

Phones are store houses. They are used to store videos, important documents, and photos that people make wherever they go. The bigger the storage capacity in any phone, the better it is. The Samsung A5 comes with an impressive 32GB internal memory. This matches other top smartphones that cost more than double the price of Samsung A5.

The phone also features a very large RAM of 3GB. This means that it is relatively fast whether you are browsing, making videos, or running complex applications. The RAM also makes it easy to multitask with the phone without worrying of slowing down. You can simultaneously download apps, play a game, and convert videos without compromising performance.

It operates on Snapdragon 615 CPU

At the onset of the current fast pace of releasing new smartphones, most of the CPUs used by then have proven to be very stable and reliable. The Snapdragon 615 is particularly effective. When the CPU operates together with the 3GB RAM, the Samsung A5 has proven to be an irresistible piece for people who value durability. An additional strength that makes the Snapdragon 615 CPU stand out is its compatibility with the latest Android operating system.

The fact that you can pair the CPU with the latest operating system means that the performance is greatly enhanced. You are also sure of enjoying the top speed and enhanced security. Many people have indicated that the Samsung A5 feels and works like the Galaxy S7 because of these updates.

The lovely Galaxy A5 design

Galaxy A5 stands out because of its lovely outlook. The stunning design has a unibody chassis that feels great in the hands. Besides, the AMOLED display makes the images, videos and every action on the phone truly enjoyable. The sleek outlook makes the phone look stylish and classic whether you want it for official or casual uses.

Getting the right budget smartphone is a lengthy process. Most of the budget devices have wanting features, and their performance is below par. However, Samsung Galaxy stands out, especially when updated with the latest Android OS. This is the only smartphone that gives you the feeling of the latest pieces in the market.


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