Mobile Shopping on a Budget

Mobile Shopping on a Budget

Not everyone is fascinated by new mobile phones that are coming out in the markets for like every 6 months, maybe even less. But if you are someone who likes to own something new every so often, or if you simply want to say goodbye to your old, defective device, here are some few tips you can do this without putting a dent on your budget.

Make Use of Your Old Phone

If your phone is still fairly new, and you simply want to replace it because the newest release got your attention, perhaps you can still collect a nice sum of cash by selling the device you want to replace, which can cover some of the costs of the new handset. One way you can sell your old phone for a good amount is by selling it directly to a person instead of going through third parties. Furthermore, if your phone is in good condition, and you’ve got other accessories such as headsets, chargers, bumpers, and the box included, there’s a great chance of getting a good deal.

Meanwhile, if your phone is pretty defective, and it’s not worth selling the device, you can recycle it for other purposes. For instance, rather than donating cash to your favourite charity, you can donate your phone instead. Rather than buying a car GPS, you can use your old phone instead. Though you’re not actually getting money from the sale, you can save money from buying other stuff.

Secure a Downpayment

If you’re getting an expensive phone through a mobile contract, you’ll most likely have higher monthly bills because of the device’s cost. To offset some of the cost, you can provide a downpayment. This can help you get the phone that you want without having to purchase it outright, and at the same time, still limit the amount that you are going to pay monthly. 


Choose the Latest Phone

This may sound costly yes, but, if you get the newest phone in the market, chances are low that you’re going to get tired of it quickly (unless that’s just your personality). If you purchase the latest handset, you may still see it fairly new after a couple of years, unlike when buying an older device that seems outdated only after a few months. Contrary to popular belief, buying the newest phones regularly may actually be more cost-efficient, and allow you to switch handsets at a regular pace. In fact, two years is more than enough time to save money for the next generation smartphone.

Meanwhile, if this is not affordable or sustainable, and you’re merely buying a new phone for practical, not aesthetic reasons, then you may want to consider buying one that’s nearly new. For instance, instead of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you can buy the iPhone 5s, which still is fairly new, but is not as expensive. Besides, a single generation gap between the phone series usually doesn’t present too much of a difference with regards to features and hardware.

Consider Buying Used Phones

If budget is really tight, but you need a new phone badly, one option is to buy used mobiles. As long as you are careful where you get the phone from, you can usually acquire a decent phone at a fraction of the cost. As much as possible, stay away from sites like eBay or Amazon, but rather focus on specialty sites catering specifically to used phone buyers and sellers. You can also buy directly from someone you know, like those friends of yours who have the habit of replacing their phones after every three months. This way, you will know exactly what the phone’s condition is, and you may also be able to get a good price.

Never be Shy to Haggle

Whenever shopping, no matter if it’s a mobile phone or not, remember that there may always be some room for negotiation. Don’t be shy to ask what the options are. Additionally, various retailers may offer you different prices, so it always pays to shop around and see where you’re going to save money.

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