The New iOS 11 is The Ultimate Deal for iPhone Lovers

When Apple released iPhone 7, the shockwaves it sent through the smartphone world have persisted to date. The force behind the great success of the iPhone 7 was the operating system; iOS 10. However, it is the release of iOS 11 beta that iPhone 8 is expected to use that has created pitch high expectation in the market. Though the iOS 11 released is only the Beta version, many people are finding it irresistible because of the awesome features. Here are the main features that will also make you install and get the thrill.

Note that for people who want to install and enjoy the latest features, it can only be downloaded from the Apple Beta Testing Website. Besides, you must register to join the Apple iOS 11 beta testing unit.

Changes in design

The new iOS 11 brings some key changes that promote the performance of the smartphone significantly. There are subtle changes to the design especially the interface components. The new Text is bolder while various apps such as Phone and calculator come with a new look. Besides, the phone Control center and Lock screen have an entirely new appearance.

The control centre

The iPhone control center in the new iOS 11 is customizable. The user can now enjoy a wider range of settings. It will not be simply splitting across different screens. The 3D touch integration now allows the user to do more without having to open the settings.

Unlike in the previous iOS 10, the iOS 11 Lock screen has been combined with the Phone Notification Center. Now, if you swipe down the iPhone screen, you will get the Lock Screen.

Siri is now more authentic and intuitive

For years, Apple has been working on making Siri more natural, and it now has a breakthrough performance. Siri in iOS 11 features a more natural voice and is highly intelligent than any other in the market. It can now learn the smartphone user preferences and syncs that info in various devices. What this means is that Siri will follow your different devices, evaluate stored content, and understand what you want.

Siri can now do wonders. It can suggest a topic that the user likes depending on personal habits. It will also provide suggestions as you type on the smartphone keyboard. In addition, you can now ask Siri to translate words to or from English, Germany, Chinese, Spanish, and French among others.

The files application

The new iOS 11 does not have the iCloud Drive that was common in the iOS 10. Instead, the new iOS 11 has been expanded to a new more comprehensive ‘File’ app that will work like the Finder App in Mac. This file will house content that is stored on the iPhone, respective iCloud account, DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, and many others. Note that the content stored in the File will be searchable.


Other notable features include the messages that have person-to-person Apple Pay. The music features in the new iOS 11 now allow the user to share their playlists with your close friends. The ARkit in the new iOS makes it easy for developers to design better Augmented Reality apps for games and intelligence.

Caution: This is only the Beta version

Note that while the features outlined are really awesome, the current iOS 11 is beta. The commercial version is yet to be released as the current one undergoes through multiple testing and enhancement. Therefore, those who want to test the iOS 11 should ensure they do the following;

  • Not to install on the primary iPhone
  • Know the risks involved (possible crashing)
  • Backup the info on the current iPhone
  • Ensure to update the iCloud before installing the new iOS 11.


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