Reasons you should not dump your old flagship for the newest one

With every passing year, tech giants gift the market with a new and improved phone. Their best work ever, it is quickly dubbed, a fact of course. In each phone release debut, phone manufacturers strive to include the best features in the market into their phones. It also serves as a momentous occasion for them to showcase their innovation prowess. It is easy to get sucked into this endless upgrade cycle where you are upgrading because of them not because of you. You are not a robot but fully comprehending human being who is able to recognize value additions. This is why you should carefully think before dumping your old flagship for a new brighter one.

Minimal Performance leaps

The dedication that phone companies have in improving their creations is simply remarkable. They always have a new creation determined to amaze. However, with each passing year, it is becoming clear that the actual technological progress is declining. The companies claim to have made more headway with speed but the difference in speed between the old and the new is so minimal, it is hardly evident to a normal user. While there are a few notable differences like bigger screen size or introduction of a dual camera, also newer devices tend to be hands down more beautiful, there is barely any difference to  the heart of the phone, the software.


The introduction of fingerprint sensor to the phone is definitely something to look forward to but is it really worth the cost? These are the type of questions you should pose, when confronted with a phone that is exactly like your old phone except for the introduction of one new feature. As ridiculous as this may sound, that is exactly what tech companies are resolving to keep up with themselves. They unconsciously set a pace that is becoming difficult to keep up with so they are brandishing tiny new features as a fresh new innovations worthy of their high prices. Some of the tiny little features they tag innovations are sometimes just a customization of another tech company’s feature. It has even been tooted that due to the lack new innovation ideas and to avoid having nothing to showcase the next year, tech companies hold out on some of the possibilities they envisioned for a phone. A very sad occurrence of course but is what is expected for any industry on a normal curve.

Old can be gold

Many people upgrade their phone to keep up with the status quo. They are afraid they will be looked down upon for having last year’s phone which is still awesome by the way. So they give in to the pressure and dump their awesome phone, for a new, a little more awesome phone. A poor decision on their part they discover in the long run not only because of the cost, even if you go with a subsidized contract, but the unfortunate beast of want instead of need, that tech companies are feeding. Through enabling consumerism what they are perpetuating is the myth that what is wrong with your old phone is its age. People are upgrading to new improved phones they do not even need for fear of being obsolete; a very vile habit from an economic stand point. This has to stop. People need valid reasons to upgrade their phones apart from age.

For the reasons stated above, it would be prudent to carefully weigh your reasons for upgrading to the newest flagship especially from an old flagship. You may become very disappointed when you discover that you are getting much of the same phone with a few tiny additions.



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