How to Shop for a New Mobile on a Budget

Nowadays, as new and better mobile devices continue emerging in the market, we feel more obliged than ever to replace our not-so-new handsets. If you truly desire a new mobile phone but you have a limited budget, follow these tips to avail a new phone that you can afford.


Sell Your Old Phone

Unless you have a very old phone that has worn out pretty badly and the amount you can sell it for is quite negligible, you can raise some quick cash by selling your pre-loved device. If you just came out of a contract and the phone still looks fine, there’s a good chance to recoup a good amount.

When selling an old device, it’s wise to be upfront about any damages, problems, and sell to an individual rather than third parties to avoid commissions. Also, be sure to take good care of the box, charger, and other accessories. If possible, replace defective headphones, screen protectors, and old covers. Making sure that your device is well taken care of allows you to sell it for a nice amount when the time comes.


Provide a Down Payment

If you’re planning to get your phone through a contract or financing, where the payments are subsidised, it may be wise to pay a huge down payment upfront. This allows you to lower your monthly payments, avail of lower interest rates, and pay off the gadget’s full price more quickly, thus lowering the overall cost of the phone.

Additionally, if you have poor credit and couldn’t qualify for a mobile contract easily, a nice sum of down payment can help with your application. You may also be offered lower rates when you have a deposit.


Consider a Sim Only Contract

On the other hand, if the cash to purchase a phone outright is not an issue at all, it could not hurt to save money on your usage, and with this, getting a SIM-only deal may be a good choice for heavy users. This is because if you opt for PAYG and you are a heavy user, chances are you’ll spend more money topping up. Additionally, SIM-only contracts have lower tariffs and are more flexible, so you can easily opt out should you change your mind


Buy a Nearly New Handset

If you’re holding a device that is about more than 2 years of age, and are just after getting an upgraded handset with better battery life, features, and a more fluid performance, then you may be able to save a lot by NOT falling for the latest release on the market. For instance, instead of buying the iPhone 7, you may want to get the iPhone 6s instead. There is not much difference with regards to the features, it runs the latest version of iOS, the performance is awesome nonetheless, and most importantly, it is a lot cheaper! After all, a new phone will always come and chasing after the newest release every time will make you break the bank.


Consider Getting a Pre-Loved Phone

On the other hand, you may know someone who is selling a phone that you used to really like. I know a lot of people who get tired of their handsets after only a few months, and in many cases, these pre-loved devices have been well taken cared of and are still looking new. The fun part is that many owners have also bought some accessories already, so you won’t have to buy yours.


Shop Around

Finally, prices for each unit vary across retailers, no matter what device you’re trying to get. It’s best to always do your research first, because for all you know, a certain provider may be able to offer a better deal than the rest.


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  1. This is a difficult problem for a lot of people because each mobile phone purchase is different, done for a different reason and with hugely varied socioeconomic backgrounds behind people who actually end up buying the same phone. Re-selling can be complex for some, and easy for others. It seems that those who are most successful with phone technologies will also be capable with internet-selling, confident with companies and savvy about which recent releases are worth having and which are duds.


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