Six Simple Tactics to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Everywhere you turn, a security breach is getting reported. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and always working on new ways to access your phone, data and even communication. Now that smartphones are increasingly being used to store even sensitive information and make online payments failing to secure them properly can be extremely dangerous.

Over the last couple of years, mobile malware have been on the rise. Some will lock your phone, block some applications, or steal data. Well, this is not all. Thieves can also target your phone. Once a cybercriminal gets hold of your phone, accessing the stored data, cache, and other details is pretty easy. The following are the best methods to ensure your phone remains safe.

Always lock the smartphone with a password

If your smartphone is stolen, the thief’s first step is getting through the phone lock. Therefore, ensuring the smartphone is locked with a password is could help to prevent access. Besides, the lock buys some time so that the owner can realize that the phone is stolen and promptly block everything. It is advisable to activate auto password lock within a very short time of the screen idling (15-30 seconds should be ok).

Use public Wi-Fi carefully

To save on data, many people prefer areas with free Wi-Fi especially in major towns and key facilities. However, you should be extra careful with free Wi-Fi because they are very insecure. Cyber criminals understand this and will easily wait for the prey to make transactions with personal details. Make sure to avoid transmitting sensitive data or make transactions that can expose your information. Besides, consider encrypting all the data being transmitted from your phone when using a public Wi-Fi.

Always get operating systems updates on time

To address the problem of insecurity, many smartphone companies are always working on updates for their operating systems. They follow the latest developments and try to stay ahead of cyber criminals so that clients can stay safe. Therefore, installing updates on time helps your smartphone to stay free from major security threats. Instead of waiting to know when new updates are available, consider automating them.

Only get apps from approved sources

One of the methods that cybercriminals gain access to people’s smartphones is through applications. Though apps are handy because they extend functionalities of smartphones, it is advisable only to get them from approved sources. Note that this does not mean that most apps have links to cyber criminals; rather, it is the engineering gaps that make some of them easy for criminals.

Install the right smartphone protection software

Just like your laptop that should always be protected with an antivirus, so should be the smartphone. You must select good phone security software such as Sophos Mobile Security that helps to prevent malware and gives alerts when potential risks are detected. Remember also to ensure that the security software is updated on time.

Acquire a smartphone from a company with good antitheft technology

For years, mobile theft has remained a thorn in the flesh of many mobile phone companies. This has made some of them come up with appropriate technologies to address the problem. You can lower the risk of your phone getting stolen by buying from a company that has a top notch antitheft technology. For example, all iPhone users have special owner’s IDs that cannot be overstepped. Therefore, even if one steals the phone, it is of no use because it cannot work nor be traded. The thief will just have another useless device.

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