Telecommunication standards: 3G and 4G Internet speeds

Telecommunication technology is very important for your mobile phone experience. In fact, if it wasn’t for this, mobile phones wouldn’t be what they are today. As a mobile phone user, you have probably heard a lot about the ‘G’s. From 1G to 3G to now 4G, you might have asked yourself what all this really was. Well, the G stands for generation. That means 4G is the latest technology so far. However, there are also plans to introduce 5G internet in the near future. So, what about 3G and 4G internet? Why are they so important to our mobile phones?
3G internet
If you still have a mobile phone that shows 3G network on the top right or left corner, then know that you are using out dated technology. You need to upgrade to 4G internet. 3G is faster than its predecessors and will give you satisfactory internet speeds. It is great for browsing and surfing the internet for information. It also works well for watching videos. You cannot have a problem streaming online videos with this internet. Note that 3.5G and 3.75G also fall in this Third generation technology. 3G technology has reasonable transfer rates that allow you to get a smooth internet experience.

Will you be missing out if you stay with 3G?
With the introduction of 4G internet, 3G internet users could feel like they are missing out on a lot. That is not necessarily the case though. It depends with what you use the internet for though. For instance, if it’s just opening pages and surfing the internet, then the difference wouldn’t be that much. On the other hand, if you need the internet to run heavy programs, then 4G is what you have been lacking all this while. When you look at it in terms of download speed, then yes, 4G is way faster and you will be missing out. However, the upload speed of 3G is not that badly off when you think about.
4G internet
This is the fourth generation telecommunications technology. It is an improvement on 3G that comes with broadband technology. Broadband allows transmission of a greater load of messages or information to be transferred simultaneously. Therefore, it makes 4G internet way faster than 3G. That means you can browse your online pages easily and watch videos stress free. It also allows you to load slow websites and heavy pages effortlessly. If you spend most of your time online, this is technology that you must get your hands on. So, upgrade as soon as you can and upload your pictures and videos effortlessly this time.
Do I need a specific phone for 4G internet?
Yes you do. Since 4G is the latest technology, it will only work on 4G enabled mobile phones. Therefore, you are going to have to upgrade your mobile phone to something trendier. However, there are some software improvements that can be done to enable your 3G phone support 4G. Nevertheless, it is recommendable to just get a 4G supported phone in order to avoid complications.

Why should I upgrade to 4G?
It’s important to keep in touch with the world. 4G is what’s going on now, so don’t get left behind. Get some cash and buy yourself a 4G enabled mobile phone as soon as possible. Moreover, 4G internet is way faster thanks to its broadband technology and will give you an unforgettable experience that is worth every dime you pay for it. Faster speeds mean faster jobs, quicker access to information, faster communication, and so on. Don’t believe it? Why don’t you give it a try? After all, it’s not that expensive as some people make it out to be.

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