Want To Get Full Control Of Your Smartphone? It Is Time to Root It

Want To Get Full Control Of Your Smartphone? It Is Time to Root It

After buying a smartphone, have you ever thought of how much you control it? The truth is that you own the device fully and should be able to do what pleases. But, that is what phone companies want to keep from you at all times. For many people, the argument is that they do not need rooting the phone because everything appears to work right. However, you will be surprised to realize the hidden potential that comes with rooting a phone.

What is phone rooting?  Rooting (commonly called jailbreaking) gives the owner complete access to the setting of the phone. These settings are in many cases not reachable from the common settings. Note that rooting should be done carefully to avoid rendering the phone unusable. Here are the main benefits of rooting your phone.


  • Allows the user to replace the Android OS that was bought with the phone

One good thing about Android is that it is open source software which means you can select the type of operating system for the phone. For example, if you do not like the experience of the phone, you can look for a different Android OS (ROMs) from the market. For example, you might want to consider upgrading to c being used by the latest Samsung Galaxy though you are on a different phone altogether. This will guarantee you a better experience while making the phone to look new and different.

  • Remove irrelevant factory installed applications and install others that were otherwise incompatible if done directly on the phone

Many are the times when the applications that come with the phone are ‘permanent’ and impossible to remove. Some of these factory installed applications control the phone so that what you can do is limited. For some companies, the additional applications are of no help because what they bring is not interesting. For example, many are the times that Samsung Galaxy Users indicate that the sports apps are not of great help. You can now remove them by simply rooting the phone.

Rooting allows you to install applications that your phone carrier had blocked. For example, many Android Phones are installed with apps that block using the phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. However, rooting the phone allows you to apply wireless tethering so that the smartphone can be used as a hotspot to supply the internet to the entire office, home device, and other phones.

  • Download applications that your carrier might have blocked

Phone carriers create a narrow path for their clients so that they can stick to them all the time. For example, they try to disallow the phone from accessing applications for accessing data from other sources. However, the world of mobile apps has made everything literally possible. An appropriate application can help you access the internet from a free hotspot and distribute it to other equipment in the office. These are the applications that the mobile companies always block from your phone.

  • Access and use thousands of apps made specifically for rooted smartphones

By rooting the phone, it becomes like a personal computer by allowing you to access even the deeper settings. This means that you can tweak its graphics, CPU, and other settings related to its performance. Besides, it is also possible to get in-depth back-up as well as security applications for extra protection.

By rooting the phone, you get full control so that anything that is less desirable is discarded while better options are downloaded and installed. Besides the outlined advantages, rooting the phone will also make it run faster and extend the battery life.


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