Ways to protect your mobile phone in the cold winter

Many people don’t know this, but the phone really doesn’t like the cold. It can lose up to 20 percent of its battery life and that gets worse when temperatures drop to zero. The chemical reactions within the battery are hindered and the battery life is cut in half at zero degrees. The internal components of the phone also become more brittle and fragile in the cold so dropping the device could have even worse repercussions.

That’s why you need to be wary of your phone whenever the temperatures start dropping considerably.

Go for thermal protection covers

Just as we wrap ourselves in 5-layer coats and heavy duty gloves and boots during the winter, so should you properly dress your phone. There are a number of phone cases and covers that offer thermal protection including the Salt case covers.

There are also heavy-duty covers that are waterproof and eve protect against drops whenever you’re out enjoying the winter sports.

Keep the phone close to you

When out in the snow or cold temperatures, try and keep your phone in your pockets as opposed to a backpack or handbag. Your body temperature would prevent the phone from reaching an all-time low hence protecting it from the dangers of freezing.

Try as much as possible to avoid using it in open environs. Use an earpiece whenever you need to take a call to prevent exposing the phone to cold temperatures.

Don’t switch it back on immediately

As mentioned, exposure to very cold conditions may cause the battery to drain and shut the phone down. Don’t panic, this is just the phone’s necessary mechanisms to protect itself against such extreme conditions.

If your phone shuts down, don’t switch it on immediately, exposing it to such temperatures for long time frames may permanently damage it. Keep it warm and let it get to room temperature gradually before using it.

Additionally, quickly warming it and then switching it back on is not advisable. Condensation may quickly form inside the phone and ruin it.

Don’t forsake your phone

During the winters, strive to ensure that your phone is always close to you. Leaving it in your car overnight or forgetting it on the cold kitchen counter is not a good move. Once it gets subjected to very cold temperatures for prolonged periods, the phone is bound to be permanently damaged.

Also keep your phone away from snow activities such as shovelling as this increases the chances of your phone getting damaged. Not only will the cold get to it, but the water may also damage the phone and fry its circuit when it seeps into the motherboard.

Keep your phone charged

You may experience erratic battery behaviour in the cold winters so ensure you charge your phone before you leave. A fully charged battery is less likely to experience rapid battery drains as compared to a partially charged one.

Charge it whenever you see the battery draining. Though your phone is going to inform you when your battery is getting low, the reading may be completely off in the cold temperatures so you’re safer keeping a charger close by at all times. You could even have an extra battery with you just in case.

Your phone is not a hulk to the winter. Most smartphones stop functioning at -40 degrees Celsius and some at much higher temperatures than that. The key is keeping it warm and preventing drastic temperature swings on your phone. Following this tips will ensure that your phone makes it through the winter, which is a good thing for everybody.

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