What’s so appealing about dumb phones?

Nokia just did the unthinkable. In 2017 basically the year of the smartphone, they resuscitated the Nokia 3310, a feature phone. They attributed this unexpected decision to the popularity of the phone which they claimed lived on despite the ubiquity of smartphones. Borrowing from Nokia’s assertions, there seems to be a section of the population that has refused to bow into the smartphone pressure. There must be a reason behind this. What allure do dumb phones have? Why are some people uneager to use smartphones?

Revived Excitement

With all the advances we have made in technology, it is funny to think that a mere decade ago, none of them seemed possible. As strange as it may sound, a touch screen phone was considered a work of fiction. What is considered normal today, was just yesterday but a dream. There is some beauty in that, of course, it shows that the sky is the limit for technology and the impossible can become possible. It is simply awesome what we have been able to achieve and no one can deny that.

However, because of the fast rate we are advancing, we are no longer impressed by the fact that we are advancing. That is to say advancing has become such a norm to us that it doesn’t excite us anymore. Even as tech companies endeavor to outdo their past year’s flagship’s features, they realize that with each release there is an increase in buyer apathy. Our world is changing, and we are residing in the back seat, not caring about it. Sad but true.

Through using a dumb phone, you can once again marvel in the beauty that is technology. You are able to express that gasp which should be synonymous with each tech breakthrough, at a smartphone’s capabilities. As inconsequential as that may sound but reviving your respect for the smartphone may enable you to make the most of your phone.

Restored functioning

The advent of the smartphone marked that of pocket-sized everything. With the smartphone, maps, music and video players, word processors, email readers, clocks and about everything in between became available in a pocket size device. This is of course an amazing, extraordinary technological advance, however, it also came with the drawback of limiting our abilities to function without smartphones. Without their smartphones, many people find it difficult to navigate the world. Standing on a queue without earphones plugged in seems unimaginable to some people so does not getting real-time email notifications. However life with a dumb phone exposes people to what life without a smartphone really looks like, it’s not impossible. Through a feature phone, you will discover that you can still function really well. Better than you had ever imagined. Smartphones are comparable to air but they aren’t nearly as important you will learn once you part with one.

Rediscover socializing

You will have to give it up to smartphones for revolutionizing the way that human beings socialize. They are responsible for the success and prevalence of social media applications. With social media applications, human beings’ need for face to face interaction became greatly reduced. This of course has its pros such as making the world a global village at a more affordable cost. However it also has the grave downside of making people demean or forget the importance of face to face interaction. Many are suffering a profound great deal about loneliness as a result of a lack of human to human interaction. Chatting with many people online doesn’t erase the need for face to face interaction. By using a dumb phone you eliminate your dependence on social media and promote that of actual human interaction. This will expose you to the infinite dimensions that human beings possess.


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